Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

Baby Educational Videos - How To Make Your Baby Smart And Active

Almost all the households have TV and DVD players which they use for videos. Most parents have been using videos to entertain kids and keep them occupied. After major research about videos, music and other relevant stuffs confirmed that they help for child’s learning and development widespread use of these materials really made a great leap in the industry. Research says that videos and musical materials help to stimulate brain cells and help babies and children to have a more active brain operation. This has all been started when VCR, VCD, and other video player materials has became staple in households. However, Educational Videos are more popular and most parents prefer to buy because they can join their children and explain easily what’s going on, this had evolved into an educational tool and mostly used in preparatory schools.
Videos like Barney, Dora, High School Musical, and even the old videos of Sesame Street are just samples of educational videos often use for educating the youngsters. There are more in the market but all have its own focus but genres and categories are endless. These are all aims for children’s brain and physical development. These involve songs, dances, math skills, reading skills, etc. and with these they make your child’s brain active. Since these educational videos are viewed mostly in groups it does not only develop intra-personal intelligences but also extra-personal intelligences. As what have been said, these videos comes in varieties where as you can always find something that suites your child’s needs. They are categorized according to age and interests.
These are just some of the benefits that an educational video can give for your child’s development. Videos have been a great help since these does most of the job. It helps in visual and kinesthetic learning. Most children enjoy watching videos and this can hold the child while parents are doing household chores. Aside from being good for children’s education, another great advantage, it can keep your child inside the household and still he/she learns at the same time.
You can incorporate your own style in viewing these videos, you can accompany your children, or let your child read a book while watching the video or let him do what is on the video. "As I have observed with my three year-old niece, she dance and clap while watching a video and when she’s done, she begins to tell what she had just viewed", says, Dr. Shaffer, Phd. This behavior is an indication that educational videos help children internalize learning easily and not compartmentalized in arm chair lectures in schools. These educational videos help parents and teachers in making learning become enjoyable and lots of fun. Who knows this can be your answer for your child’s learning development

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