Senin, 16 April 2012

Distance Education Opportunities for All Ages

Are you familiar with distance education? It is an educational program by which the teaching or the learning occurs in a different place than where the program is based. Now, what does that mean? The best way to describe distance education is to give examples of it. One example is outreach programs; another is college extension programs, some home schooling programs, and online universities, colleges, and technical schools. Below you will find a more detailed description of each of these types of distance education and a reason why it might be an option for you.
Outreach programs are often conducted by organizations to bring information and distance education to students in outlying areas. It may be a zoo, a museum, or even a university which is conducting the outreach. It may be offered as a single one time course, or there may be a series of courses. Some of these distance education courses result in certification or training that the participants can use for work or school.
College extension courses are offered by main college campuses, but at smaller campuses in rural or outlying areas, to reach those who normally would not be able to attend a regular university due to family situation, money, time or any other reason. Although course offerings in this type of distance education are more limited it is a great resource for many people to get a degree that may not otherwise be able to get one and still have the "on campus" experience.
Home schooling is becoming more popular but it may be difficult to get all of the curriculum and materials that are needed. So, you can go online and get distance education courses for grades K through 12 in many different subjects, or you can order packets which are delivered to your home.
The final and one of the best examples of distance learning is online college, university and technical schools. You can get a degree from one of hundreds of accredited institutions right in the privacy of home at your own time and speed. These schools offer everything from a short specialized training program to a two year degree to a doctorate. You can become qualified for almost anything from medical transcription to doctorate in Educational Administration.
The key thing for any of these programs is to make sure that it is a qualified and respected program in whatever area you live and work.

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